Trust Trade Logistics (TT Logistics) operates in the freight forwarding segment offering its clients the following services

Air Import;
Maritime Import;
Air Exports;
Maritime Exports;
International insurance.

We offer 2 types of maritime shipments:

Less than a container Load (LCL) - This modal is applied when there is an option to ship goods to shared equipment (containers) with other importers. The value of the international freight in this modality is charged proportionally to the space occupied by the cargo inside the equipment.

Full container Load (FCL) - Modal applied when it is necessary to use all the internal capacity of the equipment, that is, when the load is shipped exclusively within the chosen container - we have several types, among them: 20 DRY / 40 DRY / 40 HC / 40 NOR / 20 OPEN TOP / 40 OPEN TOP, among others.